Heaven and hell: Ronnie James Dio Topp 20

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  • Heaven and hell watch Black Sabbath
  • The last in line http://gratitudehouse.org/about/facility-tour/ Dio
  • Rock ’n’ roll children buy Lyrica canada Dio
  • Neon knights Black Sabbath
  • Sacred heart Dio
  • Holy diver Dio
  • Computer god Black Sabbath
  • Eating the cannibals Heaven & Hell
  • Rainbow in the dark Dio
  • We rock Dio
  • Turn up the night Black Sabbath
  • I could have been a dreamer Dio
  • Invisible Dio
  • The sign of the southern cross Black Sabbath
  • All the fools sailed away Dio
  • Don’t talk to strangers Dio
  • The mob rules Black Sabbath
  • Dream evil Dio
  • Hungry for heaven Dio
  • Mystery Dio

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